About Us

 Dysart's is a 24 hour Restaurant and Truckstop in Bangor, Maine. Serving the best food anywhere!

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    In the winter of 1967, David Dysart and his family started to make plans for what would become the first menu for Dysart’s Restaurant.  After a lot of searching for a cook, David found Greg Feeney, who had a knack for making the juiciest and most tender pot roast. With a menu consisting of homemade Maine recipes, we opened for the very first time on Mother’s Day in 1967, with a line out the door and no experience with running a restaurant. Which meant one thing, we were a success. We have added 8 travel stops since 1990 throughout Maine. Serving tasty made-to-order food, fuel and much more! 
     Today, 45 years later, Dysart’s continues as a family owned and operated business, serving hundreds of hungry truckers, travelers and loacals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So whenever you’re in Bangor and you’re hungry, think of Dysart’s: Come Eat!

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  1. Baked in a buttery flaky crust! That commercial is hilarious. Hire those two immediately to represent your store! It has gone viral on the internet!